The Upland SF REIT

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The first ever Upland REIT



Diversify for less

The Upland SF REIT will allow you to diversify your Upland portfolio for less. Instead of spening a few thousand UPX on one SF property you can own a piece of a portfolio of properties, ensuring you're diversified and can reap the benefits of the growth from highly sought after upland  neighbourhoods like Alamo Square, Dogpatch, Little Hollywood, SOHO and more! The best part about this REIT is that as it grows so do your monthly earnings and share value. 



Q: What is a REIT?


A real estate investment trust is a company that owns, and in most cases operates, income-producing real estate. REITs own many types of commercial real estate, ranging from office and apartment buildings to warehouses, hospitals, shopping centers, hotels and commercial forests. (Source: Wikipedia) In Upland this would operate in a very similar way



Q: How do you pay dividends


On the last day of every month I would pay out the UPX earned by buying a cheap property in your portfolio for the amount your shares earned you. Additionally if you own a small portion of the REIT the dividends can be paid via a visit. 


Q: What if you sell a property?

A: When a property is sold you will receive UPX equivalent to your share in the REIT at the end of the month with your dividend payment


Q: How do I know you’re going to follow through


I guess it’s called a trust for a reason ;). This agreement isn’t legally binding by any means its just a fun idea I’ve had. It’s a risk you’ll take I suppose. I have members in the community that can vouch for my legitimacy, I am also a writer for Upland Uncovered so I am not in the business of scamming.


Q: What’s in it for you?

A: A few things. One it’s a fun idea that hasn’t been explored in Upland as far as I am aware. 2, more buying power via raising capital in shares allows me to get more properties as I will still own the majority of shares


Q: Can I buy multiple shares with one property?

A: Yes, when we make the deal I will put however many shares you bought into account for the price. Share ownership will be stored in an excel spreadsheet.


Q:What if I want out of the REIT?

A:If you would like to sell your shares you are free to do so amongst anyone in Upland. You must report the sale to me beforehand to ensure I can properly record who owns how many shares.


Q:What is your strategy?

A:We will use investment funds to buy more real estate. Typically we will look for near sold out or recently sold out neighbourhoods with good leadership to invest in. Cheap neighbourhnood entry points with good monthly income are typically looked at more favourably.


Q: Where do you hold property?

A: All property held is in SF with the exception of one property in Harlem, NY. I hold a vast majority in one city as it allows me to easily pay close attention to the market in that city. Our current neighbourhood breakdown is as follows: Little Hollywood 15 props, Visitacion Valley 2 props, , Golden Gate Heights 2 props, Outer Richmond 1 prop, Upper Market 2 props, Alamo Square 1 prop, Mission Dolores 1 prop, Mission 15 props, Dogpatch 1 prop, Buena Vista 2 Props


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Look at the proposals to sell the most recent. Contact our promoters to visit in person the local.

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The professionalism of our promoters ensures the utmost care in dealing with the interests of customers, and our long experience of trading in real estate puts us in the foreground as regards...

Q:How might the REIT grow to become a more sustainable project? 

A:In the long term I will be looking for a board of directors who I trust to vote on properties that are in the best interest of the Upland REIT. Becoming a board of directors would require a certain percentage of ownership and the board member must be approved either by me or board vote if there are 2 or more board members.


Shares currently available



15,000 UPX per share